Monday, June 28, 2010

Outdoor Intercoms: Steps on Choosing an Intercom Suited for Your Application

Some of the most valuable wireless intercom systems available in the market today are outdoor intercoms. This  particular intercom is generally installed outside the gates of buildings, security system entrances, or anywhere you  might need to communicate with somebody inside your property or at a distant location. With this device, it can relieve you from making long trips to your entrance gate to let your guests come in. Not only that, it can alsowarn you when you have clients or visitors at your security entrance.

So first thing you'll need to do in choosing the right outdoor intercoms for your business is deciding whether you wish to have a wired or wireless solution. A wireless intercom system has the benefit of comfort installation, but there's always a possibility of radio interference. You may seldom have to worry about this outdoor intercom. With a wired system  there's the expense of installing the wire.  

About Wired Outdoor Intercom

A wired outdoor intercom has cables extending between the outdoor speaker and the units connected to them. Generally, the cable system used is a two-conductor, screened wire, but it could also  be a computer network type CAT-5 cable. It depends on the type of wireless intercom system. This shield on the two-conductor wire serves as the wire resist picking up electrical disturbance from former electrical devices; that could create a buzz on your wireless intercom system. The CAT-5 system is basically a digital device.

This two-conductor wireless systems are used for both business and residential places.  These outdoor intercoms systems  generally has two main components.  One of the most popular device is the “door station” and it is installed outside the entrance to the building .The 2nd component is known as the “master station” and this is fitted indoors, inside  the property.  It depends on the size and its basic layout of the property.  It is convenient and more practical to have more than one master station in your property.

There are two-conductor outdoor intercoms systems that are basically  simple systems that let your communication between the outdoor substation and your master station inside the house. The good thing about this is that  if there's a need for  additional master stations inside, then you can have a multi-conductor cable that has as much as 20 wires between the master stations.

With these outdoor intercoms systems you really don’t have to worry about a visitor arriving at your door. All they have to do is  press a button at the door station and  it triggers a short tone at your  master station.  When there's somebody inside the property , then they can answer and hear this tone so the two parties can communicate with one another. The individual  at the door can talk without pressing a button and the person at the master station just need to push a button.  This additional feature of outdoor intercoms systems have door release system which enables your door to be opened remotely by an individual running the master station. To know more about what system choose, visit Outdoor Intercoms.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Wireless Intercoms: How to Keep Your Property Safe

It would be nice to find a simple solution to keep your small business safe, the safety benefits of wireless intercom systems are often overlooked. Many business owners only think of the convenience features, and often overlook the safety benefits. Crime rates are more often on the rise than not, by installing a wireless intercom system in your business you are taking a step in crime prevention as well as preserving your peace of mind.

                                                     Safety Features

Most wireless intercom systems come with the same standard features. When safety is a concern those standard features could mean the difference between life and death. Most small businesses have smoke detectors installed, and most have had problems with them at one point in time or another. The ability to notify all of your employees at one time that “this is not a drill or malfunction” could be the difference in everyone safely evacuating the building or people getting left inside to find out on their own. Having a meeting place for your employees in case of a fire is a must when it comes to a safety evacuation plan.

When you think about the fact that home invasions, robberies, stalkers and disgruntled former employee incidents are on the rise, investing in the safety of your business and employees is a no brainer. Having the ability to communicate with all of your employees is a very convenient benefit. Installing a callbox with the “listen in” feature allows you to hear what is happening at the callbox location; giving you advance notice of what could be an unexpected visitor or a potential disaster. There are many safety features in  the most basic wireless intercoms system. By simply contacting a reputable installer you will receive customized help on what will or will not work for your small business.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wireless Intercom: Features You Should Consider When Buying One

Because of its many features and applications, many are now installing and upgrading to wireless intercom systems. This device has many applications; from filtering guests at the gate, to communicating with work personnel. Though its wireless capabilities and multi-function features appeal to wise shoppers, knowing its features and getting one to suit your specific needs is still the best way to get full value for your money. 
Before you purchase one, here are some features that you should consider when buying a wireless intercom.
Range. This is the most prominent feature that any wireless device will highlight. While there are wireless intercom systems that can cover miles, there are affordable intercoms with less range that can be installed for your home security requirements.
Durability. Invest in a durable intercom. There are intercoms that are designed for indoors, protected outdoor areas, and even for places exposed to harsh elements. Also tamper-resistant devices that are perfect for public areas.
Security. Since wireless intercoms communicate through radio frequencies, make sure your conversations remain private even if someone within your range has the same frequency or using an identical system as yours. Some intercoms make this possible by having security codes.
Connectivity and Product Line. Wireless devices give you so much flexibility so you don’t have to be limited to a wall-mounted pair. While there are wall-mount designs that can also be used as portable radios, there are systems that can be connected to several devices such as radios, PA systems, motion sensors and call boxes that can open gates. If you are planning on expanding in the future, invest in a system that can support these add-ons.
Choose a wireless intercom system that suits your home and business communication needs. Don’t get stuck with a system with features you don’t need. Or worse, get stuck with a system that you cannot even use. What’s cheap may not always be the best deal and what’s expensive may not always be the best product.
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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wireless Camera for Security

Are you worrying about leaving your home? This camera can be AC or battery operated. Wireless range of up to 300'. Includes mounting bracket, AC adapters and battery adapter. Used with the GX5201 Video Security/Baby Monitor System.... It lets you have peace of mind.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010